How to Install Games

Hello dear gamers. We have decided to post a short but to the point instructions page on How to install Games on your PC and what will you be needing for correct installation?
So first of all, below is the list of tools you will need to install before downloading and starting installation of any game on this website.
  • Ultra Iso
  • Winrar
  • Visual C++ Redistributable packages
You will need ultraiso to run or start the installation of the games that you will download from this site. Sometimes these games are in ISO format that you can only run through ultraiso. So Download this tool and install on your pc via link given below.
Winrar is required for you to extract the cracks or fixes of games. Sometimes the game itself is posted here in compressed rar format. You will have to install winrar on your pc first to extract these files to start game installation. Download winrar setup latest version from link given below.
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages:
This standalone installer has all the visuall c++ packages setups that you can directly install one by one on your pc. This software prevents getting game runtime errors and sometimes those annoying .dll missining files errors. Download the installer from link given below. Extract the archive on your pc via winrar. Go to each and every folder and install every setup in those folders. Once you have installed all the setups in every folder, you are good to install any game you want on your pc.
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